Abalone Sashimi, Rosé Jelly & Wild Scampi Caviar


  • 1 abalone
  • 125ml rosé wine
  • 31g gelatine powder
  • 50ml boiling water
  • 5g wild scampi caviar
  • 1 clean abalone shell


Two Oceans Abalone frozen whole in shell or live abalone.


1. Boil 50ml water, add gelatine powder mix with whisk. Once gelatine powder is dissolved, add rosé wine. Mix in bowl until combined.
2. Line the base of baking tray with grease proof paper. Pour in rose gelatine mix. Place in fridge until set.
3. Meanwhile, if using live abalone, place in ice slurry to relax the meat for 15-20mins. Using a table spoon, place the spoon against the muscle at the top of the shell where it is attached, scoop out the flesh. Hold the shell down with the spoon and pull the meat back and separate from the gut membrane. Using a paper towel dry the abalone meat. Slice thinly, horizontally (to obtain rose flower shape abalone slice) into 2mm slices.
4. Once rosé jelly is set. Remove from baking tray, finely chop jelly.

Serving suggestion:
Place rock salt in centre of plate, place abalone shell on top. Using teaspoon, add rosé jelly. Layer finely sliced abalone into shell. Top with scampi caviar.

Or using teaspoon, add rosé jelly. Using 1 slice of abalone, roll into shape of a rose and place in centre. Finish with wild scampi caviar on top of abalone rose.

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